Filming Services


We gather all information in order to shorten the acclimation period. We seek for the best locations, the most suitable means, and the most qualified models for the roles. We organize and plan in order to utilize the budget and follow the shortest path without giving in compromises.


Where all the magic begins, the most creative procedure as we carefully collect light, sound and store it.


Emotionally, we transform the light and sound into culture. We sort things and compose every peace in its place. We add beauty touches, music, voice, and graphic elements.

Event Video Coverage

We can record any event with one/two/three cameras depending on the client needs. Out of the recordings, we can produce any relevant content, like DVDs or Albums. There are several options like intercommunication systems, live projection available upon request.

Video’s Pros and Cons

A video, although compact, it contains a tremendous amount of information, both visually and audibly compared to written text. It’s pleasing to watch, attractive, colorful, entertaining and interesting. Because of that, you can watch it as often as you like. It answers many questions and saves you from a lot of hustle. The cons, it’s more expensive than printed information because it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and input in order to produce it.

Are there any limits? We wished not to have any limits but things are not in our hands. We are focused on client’s goal as he defines it, in terms of taste, time and budget.

Usually, people try to compare videos, ideas, duration, and concept. We do not do similar productions. Every production is unique and tailored for a different reason. We do not copy from others or from ourselves. Although the duration is a factor to consider, the cost depends on the effort behind making it rather than how long it lasts.

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