Graphics Services

Graphics Department

The Graphics Department of Margin (successor of Panimation Imagery Ltd) deals with photography
and computer-generated imagery. The technology involved is proprietary based on inhouse tools.

We use this knowledge in our films too.

Here is what we do:


Animation gives flesh, bones and breath to objects and characters. It is used in countless applications in the form of visual aid. We are capable of transforming complex ideas into moving images that are easy to understand.  Animation often is classified into categories: Cell, Stop Motion, 2D, 3D, Motion Graphics.

Product design

Often, we are hired to produce 3d visualizations of products prior to their manufacture or we are given a real photo of a product in order to produce a perfect idealistic 3d version in gigantic size. We have built a very long and strong tradition in this field working with King brands. Several times we were told that our work looks better than the real product.

Some other times we just take photos of real products

Scene Duplications

We are given a photograph and we duplicate it in 3d digital terms in order to provide alternative views of any size or use the digital content otherwise. The moment we sense something, we produce an exact digital copy.

In the following example, we were given 3 cutouts from a magazine and they asked us to duplicate them roughly in 3d.

More Examples

In the following example, the client from Britain asked us to duplicate the scenery from Megan Trainor Video Clip “All about the Base”. Here are the frozen images and the result we duplicated.

In the following example, client from USA gave us several photos of a vehicle and asked us to model the 3d vehicle. The 3d duplication was so exact that you cannot understand which is a real photo and which is the duplicate.

In the following example, the client from New Zealand had asked us to duplicate the real armor with a digital version and produce 50+ animations for the scoring system as well as the logo animation.

In the following example, a Student-designed an invention and asked us to design a 3d version.

Architectural Design

Do you want to build a premise? You have the privilege to see it while on papers and see options available.

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