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Margin Film Productions is a gathering of artists and scientists that produce outstanding quality visuals for promotional purposes. Carrying experience from countless successful productions worldwide, the team bravely hunts new challenges with passion and enthusiasm. They keep an open eye on trends and technologies in order to satisfy new demanding needs. They invest in knowledge, innovation and in solid long-term relations.

Margin work involves the production of TV Commercials, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Movies, and Animations. The Graphics department produces static imagery: Photographs, Graphics or combination of both. Generally, any visual work carrying quality content. Margin avoids projects where quality is scattered, becoming questionable.

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Filming Services

> Preproduction

> Production

> Postproduction

> Event Video Coverage

Graphics Department

> Product Design

> Scene Duplication

> Photography

> Animation

Other Services

> Composition of Books / Ebooks / Albums / DVD

> Subtitling Greek/English

> Transcript / De-transcript

> Format Conversion / Digitization

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